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Chiropractic focuses on the cause of the problems and not just the symptoms. Its main aim is to reduce musculoskeletal pain and improve overall health by maintaining correct spinal alignment through a variety of methods which in turn help promote optimal nerve function and optimal health.

Doctors of Chiropractic specialise in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculo-skeletal problems. The treatment helps to reduce neuropathophysiological symptoms. Chiropractic treatment can help benefit the following:

  • back pain
  • cervicogenic headaches & migraine
  • neck pain
  • muscle imbalance
  • frozen shoulder
  • poor posture
  • sports injuries
  • tennis elbow
  • pregnancy pains
  • and many more

Doctors of Chiropractic specialise in locating, analysing and correcting causes of neuopathophysiological symptoms. Chiropractors at Chiropeople use:

  • manual adjustments
  • massage
  • stretching
  • exercise prescription
  • postural advice
  • ice or heat therapy
  • nutritional advice
  • food allergy testing
  • metal toxicity testing
  • lifestyle advice

as part of their treatment. This treatment is safe, usually painless and effective and has minimal side effects. It helps to restore proper never function so the body is able to perform at its optimal level.

Doctors of Chiropractic are often perceived as “back doctors”. Although this perception is not entirely incorrect, it is very much incomplete. Doctors of chiropractic are a highly appropriate resource in matters of work-place safety, stress management, injury prevention, postural correction and nutritional counselling. Hence they also play an important role in preventative or wellness care. The initial examination takes 1 hour and treatments thereafter take 15 minutes.

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